America's favorite pastime ... found in Amsterdam?


Perfect timing to kick off the College World Series happening in Omaha!  Diane brought us this perfect print, ‘Baseball’ by Paul Giovanopoulos last week.

"I have a love of baseball and have some old photos of teams and ball diamonds in my den.  I've had a postcard of this poster by Paul Giovanopoulos for 35 years and I decided to try to find a copy of the poster. No one in the U.S. had it, but a shop in Amsterdam did. I ordered it and had it framed for my den."

Diane was certain about choosing a thin and somewhat tall black frame.  The mat choice was easy - let's match the off white of the paper.  There's so much going on in the painting that for this situation a paired down gallery type frame and matting was just right. 

Diane knows a thing or two about framing as she helped during the summer in her college years at her Uncle's framing shop.  Currently, she works as a freelance graphic designer here in Omaha; be sure to check out Zigzag Design if you are in need of visual communication for your brand!.

Diane said, “[Malibu Gallery is] the nicest, most professional framers. I’ve had things framed at Malibu before and was very pleased. They do great work!”

Thanks so much for choosing us as your framers. We had fun framing this piece and chatting with you during the designing and at pick up!


Celebrating the "Year of the Pitcher" and Bob Gibson


Phil is man who might call himself a collector - of information and of memorabilia.  He knows baseball stats, players and games and his passion for the game is clear. 

This shadowbox features a well loved autobiography of (Pitching great and Omaha's very own) Bob Gibson and an autographed pitcher's plate.  He brought them in to preserve because:

"It's the 50th anniversary of 'The year of the pitcher' and it's my first book ever owned."

The faux leather of Larson-Juhl's "Angus" line in cognac was the perfect connection to a baseball glove and it was the first frame that came to mind for this project.  Phil wanted to replicate a sandy-earth colored pitching mound using a lighter colored neutral mat.  We added a V-groove in the mat which added a thin white line balancing negative space connecting the two objects.

Designing custom framing with Phil is always fun!  His passion for the memorabilia he brings to in leaves us learning something new each time.  On top of that, he shares our excitement in finding the perfect frame to suit each project. 

I asked Phil what he would want others to know about Malibu Gallery and he said we have:

"Flexible creativity that is so open and encouraging in making the right choice."

Thank you so much, Phil! Including past projects and this one, I'd say we are on our way to achieving the custom framing equivalent of a no-hitter!


A Collaborative Effort


Whenever Mary Ava walks through our door I know the art she brings in allows us to travel somewhere new.  On her most recent visit into the gallery Mary Ava brought us gorgeous, handmade textile art from Myanmar.  

"I'm drawn to fiber arts and particularly like to support women's endeavors."

When designing for fiber art we recommend using textured fabric mats.  They provide a richness of color that effortlessly enhances textile artwork. 

For Mary Ava's piece we opted for a gorgeous metallic-shimmer fiber mat that provided a lightness and allowed the black fabric to pop.  The frame is a deep brown with an antiqued golden patina that corresponds with the golden trim and matte sequins in the artwork.

   Mary Ava even found antique sequins online to replace those which had fallen off during transport.

  Mary Ava even found antique sequins online to replace those which had fallen off during transport.


Embroidery, hand-sewn appliques, sequins and bead-work are clearly on display as Museum Glass was a "no question" choice for this piece. 

Behind the scenes we carefully steamed and blocked the material.  Then Mary turned the edges and hand stitched the fiber art to a rag mat.  Frame-space lifts the glass safely away from the art and allows the art to breathe.  The last detail was to double check all the sequins were facing the correct way!

"You did a fabulous job framing my piece, Mary!  As always, I appreciated the collaborative effort Malibu staff made in selecting the perfect frame, mat, and mounting technique."

Thank you, Mary Ava! - -  I wonder where to next?

 Mary Ava shared her photo of the women stitching on the porch of the shop in Mandalay,  Myanmar where she purchased her sequined piece.

Mary Ava shared her photo of the women stitching on the porch of the shop in Mandalay,  Myanmar where she purchased her sequined piece.


Finding a Purrfect frame...


Ginny visited us with a very special original painting that needed proper stretching in order to display and preserve the artwork.  She was also looking for an understated frame to finish the piece but elevate the painting in her home.  She wanted to take it a step up from just a wrapped canvas.  

Ginny decided to frame this gift from her brother because, "it is so special - from a very talented artist in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Her name is Annett Sobotta."

The painting was a gift from her brother and a beautiful one at that!  After our initial oohing and ahhing over the way the artist painted the leopard fur (it looks so incredibly soft the photos don't do it justice!) we easily decided on the winning design. 

A soft matte black float frame with open grain accommodated the depth of the canvas and provides an unobtrusive, clean edge.  Exactly what Ginny was looking for.  Additionally the subtle, soft finish and wood grain supports the artist's brushwork and tone within the painting.

We are honored Ginny trusts Malibu Gallery to do her framing.  She said she would like others to know, "[Malibu Gallery] does excellent work and are very caring"

Ginny, we look forward to seeing you again and Mary said she is always here to share stories of our cats!


Ellen's trip to Malibu (Gallery), Hawaii, Omaha and the Rocky Mountains.


We were all dreaming of warm summer breezes a few weeks ago and Ellen walked in the door with three projects - one of which transported us directly to sipping Mai Tais on a sandy beach.   

Ellen wanted to frame a piece beautiful piece of sheet music for her sister.   "My sister loves Hawaii and has been there twice - so she gets this for her birthday - don't tell!"

The orangey-bronze metallic frame with its purple undertone call back to the purples and browns in the sheet music that floats atop a small pop of marigold-yellow matting. The texture of the frame perfectly captures reflections of a setting sun in the image and also suits that island decor mood.  Her choice to use Museum Glass ensures we can see the artwork crystal clearly.

In addition to her Hawaiian piece, Ellen brought in a vintage illustrated map of Omaha, Nebraska and a lovely photo of the Rocky Mountains she recently acquired on a trip.  In just 30 minutes Ellen let us travel with her across the US without leaving the gallery.

We asked Ellen if she had anything she wanted others to know about Malibu Gallery and she replied: "Great taste and service!"  (we are blushing, Ellen!  thank YOU :) 

We can't wait to see where her framing takes us next time!


John and Winston


John Meeks has chosen Malibu Gallery for his custom framing projects for many years.  He is a friendly face we enjoy seeing walk through our door.  

Last year John framed an article from the Omaha World Herald about the Winston Churchill book club, of which he is a founding member.  It was then we learned about a unique book club right here in Omaha, Nebraska and an interesting facet to John's life.

The book club's official name is Right Honourable Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Roundtable of Nebraska (visit their website here).  It's definitely a recommended meetup for anyone with a keen interest in Churchill, history and the thoughtful conversations that stem from their club's readings.  

When John walked in a few days ago and unrolled a Time Magazine print with Winston Churchill on the cover we were reminded of John's interest in the historical figure and his last framing project. As we worked together we agreed there is a certain satisfaction finding a great print at an amazing value.  Then, being able to find a frame design the fits the personality of the piece is icing on the cake! 

Here's what John had to say about his recent Time Magazine framing project:

"I was excited to learn a couple of months ago that the first time Winston Churchill appeared in TIME magazine was way back in 1923.

When I found I could get a high quality reprint of the original cover from TIME magazine for $20.00; I said to myself this will be my next framed art work.

I’ve been getting framing done from Malibu since the mid 1990’s. They always do a great job and everyone is so nice there (20+ years!)."

  John has been coming to Malibu for quite some time - as evident with his growing collection of framed images, and magazine covers!  Thanks for sharing your wall, John!

John has been coming to Malibu for quite some time - as evident with his growing collection of framed images, and magazine covers!  Thanks for sharing your wall, John!


Bump, Set, Spike!


We had the honor of framing Elise's number 6 Nebraska Elite Volleyball jersey.  She has played volleyball since first grade and she just turned 14! We are looking forward to seeing where her passion for playing takes her.

The glossy white frame and neutral gray background perfectly highlighted her #6 Jersey (and conveniently coordinated with her room!).  Mary, the framer and designer of this project said, "hands down this was my favorite jersey to frame".  Naturally, Mary, being Elise's aunt, is clearly a little biased. :)