Ellen's trip to Malibu (Gallery), Hawaii, Omaha and the Rocky Mountains.


We were all dreaming of warm summer breezes a few weeks ago and Ellen walked in the door with three projects - one of which transported us directly to sipping Mai Tais on a sandy beach.   

Ellen wanted to frame a piece beautiful piece of sheet music for her sister.   "My sister loves Hawaii and has been there twice - so she gets this for her birthday - don't tell!"

The orangey-bronze metallic frame with its purple undertone call back to the purples and browns in the sheet music that floats atop a small pop of marigold-yellow matting. The texture of the frame perfectly captures reflections of a setting sun in the image and also suits that island decor mood.  Her choice to use Museum Glass ensures we can see the artwork crystal clearly.

In addition to her Hawaiian piece, Ellen brought in a vintage illustrated map of Omaha, Nebraska and a lovely photo of the Rocky Mountains she recently acquired on a trip.  In just 30 minutes Ellen let us travel with her across the US without leaving the gallery.

We asked Ellen if she had anything she wanted others to know about Malibu Gallery and she replied: "Great taste and service!"  (we are blushing, Ellen!  thank YOU :) 

We can't wait to see where her framing takes us next time!